Way to go, Shellbergs!  Parade rockstars!

Way to go, Shellbergs! Parade rockstars!

It’s Fabulousness Factor 10 Friday and normally, I’d have a friend for you to meet.  Today, I have a special kind of guest, you know her as ‘Merica.

When I was younger, I always said Independence Day was my holiday – I was solo, single, a party of one. I celebrated my Whitesnake Here I Go Again on my Own Independence.  Okay, so it also meant an excuse to watch The Saved by the Bell episodes with Stacey Carosi at the beach with Zach, but I have a little different view now.

I realize that ‘Merica’s fab-u-lous, and I’m damn thankful for her.

Fabulousness is a long list of men and women who serve our country so we can set off firecrackers and eat wieners.

Fabulousness is a whole town on the streets celebrating our luck of being American with Kleenex-stuffed flower floats in parades and smores in the backyard and pancake feed fundraisers.

It’s also a chance to reflect on our forefathers who wrote a document with pen, quill, and calligraphy to declare they deserved to be treated properly.

It’s a chance to tear up when you hear “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood. (Can make a grown adult cry Every. Single. Time.)

It’s a 3-day weekend hanging out with family – grilling, eating mayonnaise-based salads, and sitting in lawn chairs with the family while the kids spray each other with water guns and flop around in the 2-foot-deep inflatable pool from Wally World.

It’s wearing red, white, and blue.


It’s dousing yourself in bug spray.

It’s swirling sparklers in the air and writing your name with one.

It’s a day when PBR is Patriotic, not just cheap.

It’s a reason to fly your flag and watch it wave.

It’s putting Cool Whip on everything to celebrate the day.  (and I do mean everything)

Fabulousness is kicking back, enjoying the sunshine, laughing with friends and family, watching bright lights pop in the sky, and remembering what it means to have time and a country to call our own.


Oh, and for the record, it’s still an excuse to watch Stacey and Zach play sand volleyball and kiss in the club house.  Long live Saved by the Bell!


Happy 4th of July, everybody!


Got another 4th of July tradition I should know about ?  A great memory you hold dear to your heart about the holiday?  Or another thing we should be thankful for?  Be sure to share it!