Yes, there are lots of crazy, crappy situations and people out there in our world today, but I have decided that I am going to bring you fabulous people instead, people you need to know about.  As an Oakland girl at heart, you can’t not love the woman I’m interviewing today.  She is one of the faces of the Pharmacy and she has enough grandchildren in the Riverside school district to have their own soccer team!  I’m pretty sure she will have bleacher butt for many years to come!  I have adored her wry sense of humor for years through church, sporting events, and 4-H.  She is a true giver by nature, and I’m thankful she puts up with my family, but if you don’t know her, you should.  She’s freaking fab-u-lous which is why she’s on my blog this week!
Introducing Lisa Rollins -
What is your biggest annoyance/pet peeve?  (Be sure to explain yourself in full detail so we can be frustrated with you!)
I really don’t like it when I am doing a job and the person that should have been doing it stands and watches me do it.  Oh, and I don’t like to be called Ma’am  It makes me feel old. =)
If you had super hero powers, what would be your first act in fixing the world? (world peace comes to mind – lol)
I think I will leave the world peace up to a biggest super hero.  If I could fix something it would be our health care system in the United States.  Older Americans wouldn’t have to worry about how they were going to pay for medications and healthcare. I would also make it so that Govt-assisted plans were only used by the people that really need it!!!
What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten and who bestowed it upon you?
My Dad always tells me that you should always have a plan and to follow that plan. I think he is right most of the time.  I do think that flying by the seat of your pants once in a while is an ok thing though.
What’s your Guilty Pleasure (scrogging or Facebook stalking are both completely acceptable answers – lol)?
 Dairy Queen and pedicures
If you have a business or a cause you’d like to promote, add your link here or attach a picture and give me a description.  (It’s okay if it’s simply to Spay and Neuter your Pets!) 
I am not sure you can call it a business but I really enjoy making wreaths. It is a good way for me to express myself.  I guess I just like making things, which I learned from my Grandma.
If you’re interested in ordering a wreath from Lisa, email her at mlrollins1014@hotmail.com. 
If there’s anything you’d like to add, here’s your chance to put it out to the world:
I have worked in customer service since I was 14, and  I just think that takes so little to be nice to people, plus you never really know what is going on in their life at the moment so just be nice. Give them a smile and pay it forward when you can.
Author’s note:  Amen to the guilty pleasure of Dairy Queen, Lisa!  Amen!
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