Oakland, Iowa

Oakland, Iowa

We’ve all seen those “I’m so (Fill in the blank with a city) that…” on Facebook and Twitter.  And guess what?  I kinda love it!  In fact, I had a couple of “I’m so Bellevue…” statements, but I realized, thanks to Johnny Brown’s fb posts, that I have a lot more “I’m so Oakland…” lines, and the truth of the matter is that I’m pretty damn okay with that!  So, I thought I’d share.


I’m so Oakland that…I used to watch varsity basketball games in the “old gym.”

I’m so Oakland that…even though I wasn’t there today, I know who was sitting in the booths at Casey’s.

I’m so Oakland that…I usually recognize the cars at the library and I still know my library card number if I wanted to check out a book!

I’m so Oakland that…I still call Council Bluffs and Omaha “the city.”

I’m so Oakland that…I would still tell someone to turn where the gazebo used to be (aka where the Eagle sits).

I’m so Oakland that…I remember when Gary used to make me lemon-lime slushy whips at the Dairy Queen!

I’m so Oakland that…I know the cruise strip that doesn’t get used anymore (unfortunately).

I’m so Oakland that…I got taught science by the same teacher my mom did and not only was he my science teacher, he was my bus driver, too. (RIP Mr. Harris)

I’m so Oakland that…I don’t need a map to know the names of the streets in Oakland.

I’m so Oakland that…I have sung Christmas carols at the nursing home.

I’m so Oakland that…I read the Oakland Herald when I’m at my parents.

I’m so Oakland that…I know the owners of Blimpie’s because I graduated with their daughter.

I’m so Oakland that…my family pretty much has their own pew at church.

I’m so Oakland that…my dad calls me when family members of my friends die.

I’m so Oakland that…I know what people are referring to when they say the “Stinger Page.”

I’m so Oakland that…I’ve been in the Catacombs.

I’m so Oakland that…I expect to see Marv and Phil selling sweet corn when I drive through town.

I’m so Oakland that…I agreed to help with Junkapalooza (Mark that on your calendars, would ya?  Sept. 13-14).

I’m so Oakland that…I know where Quick used to be.

I’m so Oakland that…I really want to move back there again… and we will someday.


In the meantime, everybody should be proud of where they came from.  If it takes a little game on Facebook to remember that, then so be it…


Love to my Oaklandites!  Got some more you can add on?  Let’s hear them!  Not from Oakland, but have one for your hometown or your current locale?  Bring ‘em on.  The comment section is waiting for ya!  And if you’d like to pass this on to those that can identify, do it!