Tips to Christmas in July!

Tips to Christmas in July!

Have you heard all the ads for Christmas in July?  And then do you panic when you realize July is almost over?  Yeah, me, too.  But there’s still a few days for you to squeak out some summer fun before parkas are necessary and shaving is not, so let’s have a little warm Christmas yuletide.  Maybe you’re in need of family bonding, maybe you are refusing to go out into the heat, or you need an excuse to avoid the to-do list, whatever the reason, let’s Kris Kringle it up, people!  Let’s do some things we never have time for in December because we’re too busy making a list and checking it 500 times.

So how can you bring a little Christmas to July?  I have just the answer.

*You can go purchase ugly Christmas sweaters at Salvation Army.  Why not enjoy the variety to choose from and get it out of the way so you and your sequined poinsettias with mustard yellow embroidery are ready for December?

*Take your Christmas pic…with Santa hats and best of all – a TAN!  Yeah, baby!

*Make a couple batches of sugar cookies to decorate.  One set to eat now.   (Plus, I highly recommend some choco-chip cookie dough to eat while baking the others.  Just sayin’.)  One set to put in Tupperware with a piece of bread so they’re ready for the holidays when they do actually roll around.  Aren’t you the organized pro???

*Have a movie marathon.  Pop popcorn (you could make popcorn balls if you’re an overachiever), whip up some eggnog (or not), turn up the A/C, and wrap yourself in a blanket.  You can’t tell me you aren’t up for Chevy Chase dealing with his wacky brother, a squirrel, and a burnt turkey.  We’ve all been there.  I’m also a big fan of Christmas with the Kranks, Four Christmases, and if you want to go really old school, check out Holiday Inn.  (It’s my dream job.)

*Get out the Christmas mix cd you got from me and have a sing-a-long.  You absolutely cannot be in a bad mood when singing Christmas carols.  I’m pretty sure it’s nearly impossible.  So if you have to do dishes, do them to Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells.

*Go to church.  Okay, the congregation might be in shock that you’re there and it’s not Christmas or Easter, but Jesus will not judge.

*Make a Pinterest project.  Remember all those millions of things you pinned to your boards for Christmas?  Holy crapola, you could get one done!  You could make an Advent calendar for this year.  You could knit up a stocking cap for the baby that’s due in December.  You could make Christmas ornaments for the whole family.  La-dee-da!

*Best one of all:  you could go shopping!!  Tell me that doesn’t appeal to you!  But why not?  Why not go buy all those school supplies for your kids you’re going to end up buying anyway, yank out the Christmas stockings, and load ‘em up for a July morning Santa visit?  Heck, wanna take it up a notch? Break out Elf on the Shelf if you want to get your kids back in line.  Nothing like a friendly reminder that Santa’s always watching.

Okay, sure, Santa is probably on vacay right about now, but it doesn’t take a trip to the North Pole to put a little fun in your heatwave and holiday spirit in your heart.  And if you need a little help getting to the happiness of the holidays, you can always buy green apple pucker and cherry pucker to put with your 7up for red and green beverages on the deck.  Nothing says the holidays like a drunken family member!

Happy Christmas in July!


Have you celebrated Christmas in July already?  What did you do?  Do you have another way to celebrate we should know about?  Share it.  Do you think it’s ridiculous to even think about Christmas right now?  Are you making gifts as we speak?  Let’s see a pic.  Whatever you have to share, get it on here so we can see!