Buck, buck, bucket!

Buck, buck, bucket!

Normally when I think bucket list, I think of buckets and lists. Both of which make me think of work.  Water buckets, feed buckets, tool buckets, ug.  And lists?  Well, don’t even get me started on lists.  Let’s just leave that at never-ending and my husband’s nightmare. Lol.

But I’m doing this blogging challenge, and I’m supposed to write my bucket list.  The last time I wrote one, it was an Anti-Bucket-List!  (Feel free to go check it out.  I think you’ll be on board!)  But seeing as how I’m older and more prone to rule-following (ha ha), I am going to write an actual bucket list.

Now, to me, the thing about a bucket list is that it shouldn’t be your dreams or nearly impossible to make happen.  That only sets you up for failure and self-destruction (and nobody needs to start drinking more because of that)!  So I’m all for attainable, or at least plausible (as long as I get to them before I’m 90).

Along with attainable, I like realistic.  Why put 50 things on a list and feel bad about the 40 I didn’t do?  I’ll stick with short and sweet on this bad boy.  So here it is:

*I want to take a kick-ass rainbow picture.

Seriously.  Every time I see one on Instagram, I’m jealous.  I’m not Irish, nor do I eat Lucky Charms, so maybe that’s why I haven’t lucked into the situation yet, but I still feel like my day is coming.

*I want to show my hubs Washington, D.C.

Most people don’t have somebody else’s goals as theirs, but I do.  I’ve been to DC twice.  My hubs chooses to watch the History channel.  Clearly, he needs to see some of it firsthand, up close and personal.  Plus, maybe we can make-out with Abe Lincoln watching. Lol.

*I want to adopt a child.

Who doesn’t like an excuse to read Dr. Seuss books?

*I want to go to a Christmas taping of Ellen.

Listen, she gives away great shit at Christmas!  And I LOVE Christmas.  Plus, I am still laughing about that episode with Julia Roberts and Martha Stewart.  I’m just not so good at dancing, but even I can sway to Jingle Bell Rock.

*I want to go to Kool-aid Days.

Laugh if you want, but it’s one of those cheesy festivals, I know I’d love!  (Yes, lime is my fave flavor.)  The only issue is that it’s always right around when I go back to work and it doesn’t exactly fit into the schedule.  But one of these days, I’ll be running down the street with the Kool-aid Guy!

*I want to make a Love Iowa book.

I know.  I’m a giant dork, but I’m okay with that.  I would love to be able to take the time and have the money to drive around to all these random pieces of Iowa, take pictures, and tell why we like our corn fields and marshmallow Jell-O salad.  Okay, fine, I’ll do one on Nebraska, too, if the first one goes well, but Iowa still gets first dibs.  And damn it, they better give me a sign that says “birthplace of Bolton Carley” someday.  I’m still jealous of Rebecca Ann King and her sign in Hancock. Lol.

*I want to be a trophy wife.

Okay, so that’s probably not so realistic or attainable, but damn, I’d be good at it!  I would love to do community projects, write books, take pictures, and watch old episodes of Love Boat and Saved by the Bell every day.  Just sayin’.

So that’s my list.  It’s not long.  It’s not flashy.  It’s probably not all going to happen. Lol.



What about you?  What’s on your bucket list?  Have you already knocked a bunch of stuff out or have you thrown your list in the trash?  I want to hear about it.